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Sex-with-minor felon, arrested again, has release plan court told

A felon with a worrying track record of sex crimes is in San Francisco Superior Court again charged with another sex crime – just months after being bailed from the same court on a battery charge.

Javonn Allen (29) is charged with ‘unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor’ and parole violations. At a hearing today Judge Victor Hwang was told by public defender Elizabeth Camacho that she would present a proposed release plan for him to consider.

SFPD has not responded to requests for information relating to Allen’s arrest. The court today received declarations and exhibits under seal, before the judge left the bench for a private discussion with counsel in chambers.

Allen first came to the attention of police in 2015 when arrested for attempting to kidnap schoolgirls at Antioch’s Deer Valley High School  – manhandling one student and attempting to force her in to his car.

In the years since he has been arrested for crimes including forcible rape, discharging a firearm and child endangerment. In February 2023 he was arrested for spousal battery and parole violations, appearing in Superior Court that month in Department 18 (‘Domestic Violence Court’).

At the previous hearing on this matter public defender Elizabeth Camacho told the judge she needed DNA discovery and supplementary laboratory reports from the medical examiner’s office in relation to case #220111320.

She also requested what she described as “excapultory information” that may be contained in communications between Parole Agent Hunter and Assistant District Attorney Miranda and also between homicide detective Mark Lee and Sgt Kevin Wong. It is not yet apparent whether and to what extent this relates to the unlawful sexual intercourse charge.

At today’s hearing Camacho told the court they were moving to have the San Francisco district attorney’s office recused from the prosecution. The reasons for this remain unclear from proceedings held on the record.

Allen will be back before Judge Hwang in Department 10 on Friday May 12 at 9:00am. He remains in custody. The Assistant District Attorney is Elizabeth Jimenez.

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