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Norteño gangsters to be sentenced for brutal 2018 murder

Norteño gang members who gunned down a young couple waiting at a city bus stop – killing one and grievously wounding the other – will be sentenced tomorrow in San Francisco federal court. Prosecutors are pressing for a 26 year sentence for gunman Alvaro Corder... More »

2018 Norteño mayhem: first weapons sentence for gang member

A gang member who threw a gun from a car during a 2018 high-speed police pursuit, and who two days earlier had served as the getaway driver in a San Francisco shooting that left one man dead and a woman grievously injured, was sentenced for a firearms offense ... More »

Judge frees ‘danger to the community’ found with gun in TL

A felon observed drug dealing by FBI agents, one block from the FBI’s San Francisco HQ, was found to have a ‘ghost gun’ equipped with an extended magazine containing 29 9mm rounds. Lazarus Thomas, 31, appeared in federal court today and persuaded U.S. Magistra... More »

55 month sentence for gang member in 50-round SF shootout

A gang member with a horrific record of violence was sentenced to 55 months imprisonment today after opening fire on two people during a Mission district gunfight in November 2021. James Pegueros pulled a gun from an ankle holster during a fight outside Pop’s ... More »