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SF jail criticized for treatment of transgender prisoner

An attorney for a transgender woman accused of murder sharply criticized her treatment at the hands of San Francisco’s Sheriff’s Department at a hearing today. Leion Butler, described as a transgender woman, and presenting in court as a woman, is reportedly be... More »

Prison term for key player in romance scam that cheated SF women

A man born in Liberia, raised in Nigeria and given asylum in America, whose pivotal role in a ‘romance scam’ that cheated a San Francisco retiree out of $400,000 was exposed by the U.S. Secret Service, received a ‘year and a day’ prison sentence this afternoon... More »

Federal judge upbraids Tenderloin fentanyl dealer at sentencing

An illegal alien drug dealer with convictions for violence was sentenced to 36 months’ imprisonment today for selling fentanyl and methamphetamine in San Francisco’s Tenderloin district. Arlin Estrada, 24, a Honduran national, had earlier pleaded guilty to two... More »

2018 Norteño mayhem: first weapons sentence for gang member

A gang member who threw a gun from a car during a 2018 high-speed police pursuit, and who two days earlier had served as the getaway driver in a San Francisco shooting that left one man dead and a woman grievously injured, was sentenced for a firearms offense ... More »

Judge frees ‘danger to the community’ found with gun in TL

A felon observed drug dealing by FBI agents, one block from the FBI’s San Francisco HQ, was found to have a ‘ghost gun’ equipped with an extended magazine containing 29 9mm rounds. Lazarus Thomas, 31, appeared in federal court today and persuaded U.S. Magistra... More »

55 month sentence for gang member in 50-round SF shootout

A gang member with a horrific record of violence was sentenced to 55 months imprisonment today after opening fire on two people during a Mission district gunfight in November 2021. James Pegueros pulled a gun from an ankle holster during a fight outside Pop’s ... More »