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Judge frees ‘danger to the community’ found with gun in TL

A felon observed drug dealing by FBI agents, one block from the FBI’s San Francisco HQ, was found to have a ‘ghost gun’ equipped with an extended magazine containing 29 9mm rounds. Lazarus Thomas, 31, appeared in federal court today and persuaded U.S. Magistra... More »

Shooting suspect, auto burglar pleads guilty to gun charge

An armed felon who made a living breaking into tourists’ cars and stealing their possessions – while also causing violent havoc across the Hunters Point neighborhood – pleaded guilty to a firearms possession charge this afternoon at San Francisco federal court... More »

Mission Street Safeway gunman facing 70 months sentence

A man who used a handgun equipped with an extended magazine to threaten patrons of a San Francisco Safeway store was told he faces 70 months’ imprisonment in federal court today. Julian Cisneros, 29, had earlier pleaded guilty to one count of ‘being a felon in... More »