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Mugged: SFPD ban on offender photographs harms San Franciscans

Last week cameras filmed as murder suspect Brian Dowling was led by police officers down the precinct steps and into a waiting car. Family and friends of the victim, Ryan Carson, were thus able to see the man accused of the horrifying caught-on-camera street a... More »

Failed carjacker can’t make Tesla work, robs driver instead

A man attempting to steal a Tesla parked in a residential driveway became enraged when he couldn’t make it work and violently assaulted and robbed the owner instead, a San Francisco court heard today at a preliminary hearing. Antonio Jones, 56, had been loiter... More »

SF gun felon bids to have gun evidence thrown out

A San Francisco gang member who sent a video of himself via Instagram driving through a rival gang’s “territory” in Hunters Point while brandishing a firearm, is appearing in federal court today in a bid to have the evidence uncovered in the case – multiple gu... More »