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U.S. District Court

Shooting suspect, auto burglar pleads guilty to gun charge

An armed felon who made a living breaking into tourists’ cars and stealing their possessions – while also causing violent havoc across the Hunters Point neighborhood – pleaded guilty to a firearms possession charge this afternoon at San Francisco federal courthouse.

Tizeyah Obryant, 24, was suspected by SFPD of involvement in an April 4, 2022 incident in which shots were fired from a black Infiniti that was seen chasing another vehicle. Two guns, connected to the defendant by DNA, were found during a later search of his girlfriend’s home – a woman who herself stood accused of being the ‘gunman’ in another car-to-car shooting.

Less than three months later, on bail, Obryant was arrested again in a police operation to combat city auto burglaries, this time in possession of a pistol equipped with a drum magazine, an array of electronics, jewelry, bags, purses and identification cards not belonging to him, plus the keys to a black Infiniti.

A federal grand jury indicted him on one count of ‘being a felon in possession of a firearm’ relating to one of the guns – a Glock 17 9mm pistol – found at his girlfriend’s home.

Today’s plea comes after a defense effort to suppress evidence obtained by police during the search was dismissed by U.S. District Judge William Orrick.

Obryant arrived in court having been embroiled in a number of violent episodes in 2022.

In the incident on April 4, 2022, witnesses reported that shots were fired from a black Infiniti that was pursuing a white car in the vicinity of Quesada Avenue and Newhall Street in Hunters Point. 11 spent shell casings were found by responding police. Officers considered Obryant to be a suspect.

On April 13, 2022, another attack took place, barely a mile away, on Kiska Road. There a passenger in a gray Honda CR-V opened fire on another vehicle after a short pursuit. A review of surveillance camera footage led police to conclude that the shooter was Obryant’s girlfriend Anamaria Keresoma.

Police say that there is regular gang activity and violence in this area.

Obryant was arrested by police on April 26 when police stopped a rideshare vehicle he was in. On the same day a search warrant was executed at Keresoma’s home which uncovered two firearms both of which were connected to Obryant via DNA. One of these was a Glock 17 9mm handgun.

Having secured bail at San Francisco Superior Court, Obryant found himself in custody again when he was arrested on June 16 2022 by an SFPD squad conducting an auto burglary abatement operation.

A search of Obryant and his vehicle – a black Infiniti – revealed a black Glock 26 pistol equipped with a high-capacity drum magazine, another magazine loaded with hollow point ammunition, and a collection of items obviously belonging to others: from Burberry glasses and a Michael Kors purse to earrings and a Samsung tablet. Identification and credit cards belonging to others were also found.

Police say a “resqme” window punch tool was also found.

It appears that Obryant’s victims included visitors from Israel and Los Angeles.

Because Obryant’s federal case centers on one of the firearms found during a search of his girlfriend’s home, the defense motion to suppress focused on the propriety of that search. These were rejected by Judge Orrick who, “[b]ecause the search warrant affidavit demonstrated probable cause that evidence of a crime would be found at the location searched, and because the attesting officer did not intentionally or recklessly make false or misleading omissions in the warrant” dismissed the complaints.

Obryant is a felon forbidden to own firearms, whose rap sheet includes convictions for firearms possession and burglary.

Judge Orrick accepted the plea and ordered pre-sentence reports to be prepared ahead of a sentencing hearing set for January 12. Obryant remains in custody.

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