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19 year old arrested with assault rifle in Sunnydale

A man attempting to flee a police pursuit discarded a backpack in which was found an unregistered assault rifle.

Ricky Calloway (dob 4/17/2004) was arrested at 9:45pm on March 8, 2023 by officers from SFPD’s Ingleside station. They were patrolling Brookdale Avenue in the Sunnydale development (“a high-crime area”) because shots had been fired in the vicinity the night before.

Calloway and an accomplice were seen removing items from a car. On seeing the officers approach, they ran and the police pursued.

Calloway was located nearby and arrested. He had attempted to dispose of the backpack he was previously carrying. It was located and found to be containing an assault rifle. A subsequent search of the car – which had a bullet hole in it – revealed “unfired cartridges as well [as] spent shell casings”

19 year old Calloway, say police, was known to officers from prior contacts and was known to carry concealed firearms. This incident appears to be his only adult arrest on record which suggests that any previous arrest occurred as a juvenile.

He is not currently in custody in San Francisco and he does not appear to have a current case before San Francisco Superior Court. SFPD required 57 days taken to produce the identity of the individual arrested in response to a Public Records Act request.

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