Guilty plea in Bayview felony firearms possession case

A man pleaded guilty in federal court in San Francisco today to being a ‘felon in possession of a firearm’ after a 2021 incident in the city’s Bayview neighborhood.

Quincy Peoples, 50, fled from SFPD officers who were investigating a car being driven without license plates in the late evening of February 13, 2021.

They saw Peoples running from the van in to a small parking lot located between 201 and 185 Harbor Road.

He emerged seconds later to tell the officers that he had drugs.

A search of a grassy hill located behind the parking lot uncovered a Smith & Wesson 9mm pistol. The gun had a full ten round magazine and there was one round in the chamber. Peoples, said prosecutors, had unsuccessfully tried to hide the firearm.

Forensic testing later confirmed that Peoples’ DNA was found on the weapon.

The defendant’s criminal history includes a 2019 conviction, also for being a felon in possession of a firearm, for which he was sentenced to three years imprisonment, and a 2016 conviction for burglary for which he received a 32 month custodial sentence.

“Mr People’s is agreeing to plead guilty to a single violation of 18 USC § 992 – felony possession of a firearm,” said federal public defender Gabriela Bischof, describing the terms of her client’s agreement with the Government.

“He is giving up his rights to appeal and a right to a trial – in exchange the Government is agreeing to recommend a time served sentence. He is agreeing he will ask for no less than three years of supervised release.”

Peoples was imprisoned by federal authorities for approximately two months at the inception of the case.

A report will be prepared by the probation department for consideration by Judge Susan Illston at a sentencing hearing set for September 15. Peoples, who is not in custody and who the court was told now lives in Texas, appeared for his change of plea hearing by Zoom. He was given permission to appear for sentencing by Zoom.

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